Fall Fair 2009 in Club Penguin

I got a chance to see the Club Penguin Fall Fair today and think it’s pretty good. There are more games this year and the prizes are fun. I think there were some old prizes last week that I missed but I got the purple stripey hat today which is cool. There is a special members only area that has a thing called the Great Puffle circus going on. I think the easiest game to play to earn tickets is the puffle paddle game where you bounce puffles on a ping pong paddle. You can get all the tickets you need for all the prizes just from playing that game a few times. You can probably get all the tickets just playing once if you’re good at it.

There is also a new pin hidden in the Pizza parlor. It’s for the 101 Days thing that Club Penguin had this summer. It’s on top of the pizza oven on the left side of the room.