Top Hat Pin

The top hat pin is the new pin in Club Penguin and it is part of the Club Penguin Play Awards at the stage. The pin is hidden somewhere else. It is in the attic at the ski lodge. You can see it on one of the couches in the top left!


Club Penguin Puffle O’s Pin

The newest pin is a box of Puffle O’s to celebrate the upcoming Puffle Party on Club Penguin. The pin is hidden inside the mine shaft. Go to the mines with your map and then click on the mine shaft to go inside. It is the same place where you play Cart Surfer. Look near the cave opening on the left and you will see the box of puffle o’s. Waddle over to it to pick it up and you have the latest pin! 

The puffle party starts on Friday so get ready for some puffle party action!

Club Penguin Pin at the snow forts

The new Club Penguin Taco Pin is hidden at the snow forts. It’s right under the clock on the wall of the clock tower. The pin is a taco which is perfect for the upcoming Fiesta Party next week. Get ready for some fiesta fun fun fun. I’m really happy that they’re having another party this month because the members-only party is kind of lame. I can’t believe the non-members got locked out of the night club. That is so unfair!

Ninjas are Everywhere

There are Club Penguin Ninjas everywhere now in club Penguin. You can look for shadows in a lot of places like the dojo or inside the lighthouse. You can even click on the N in the nightclub sign to see one. A lot of times u need to be patient and wait in one spot for like 5 minutes or maybe 15 to see them but it is worth it!!

Club Penguin Ninja at the Plaza

Club Penguin Ninja at the Plaza